Why this page too?

Well I’ve recently been asked (recent being the last month) by some people to give advice for programming in python and what you can do with it. So this page is a synposis of an email I wrote so I can document this for myself and others that will ask this future question.

Partly this is inspired by a professor I had a while back and his website here: foresnic_tools. So now let me being the collection of resources. The rules of these resources are that they are useful, free, and fun!


Python/Programming: (this one is good) (this is google, can’t say from first hand, but its probably good) (love the python documentation and monty python memes!)

Machine Learning: (I used this guy in grad school!) (this is a free study plan I found that seemed fun!)

some suggestions:

A BIG suggestion I would have for you is to start reading news articles about what you want to learn so you can learn how to ask questions (would give the intro a read ;))